3 Reasons For Choosing Carpet Floors

When people think of carpet, they think of it as a comfortable walking area. In fact, carpet is one of the most versatile choices in flooring. It provides health and safety features as well as saving energy. Carpet also is extremely versatile in appearance and is the foundation for any room and decorating project.

Health and Safety

For those with allergies, carpet is a viable solution. Carpet captures pollen, pet dander and dust and contains it within its fibers. It maintains its hold through air draughts and everyday wear dramatically lowering the amount of dust filtered into the air. Additionally, today's carpets are made from materials typically found in everyday fabrics, such as polyester, nylon and wool. When vacuumed and cleaned regularly, carpet can provide beneficial flooring for allergy sufferers.

Carpet also increases safety by reducing slippage for people of all ages. Even when carpet is wet, it absorbs moisture and maintains its form. Children can run and play without serious injury (maybe the occasional burn) and the elderly can worry less about hurting themselves from falling. Soft fibers from the carpet absorb impact from falls and provides cushion reducing the stress on joints.

In addition, if a wool carpet is purchased, your home will have an extra barrier in fire safety. Wool carpet is naturally fire retardant and can withstand minor fire exposure. That means that sparks from a fireplace or a dropped candle are no match to a wool carpet. If an accident happens, the chances of ignition or the fire spreading decreases and the amount of smoke reduces.


Health and safety is a requirement for most carpet choices, but it also needs to be appealing to the eye. Fortunately, carpet offers abundance in versatility so that every room can show to its fullest potential. Imagine a bedroom with cool undertones and the feel of rich, plush carpet under your feet taking you to that spa retreat or a children playing on top of a sunny, yellow floor. Carpet can take an ordinary room and make it into something worth remembering. It can also hide ugly floors or those too damaged to repair. Instead of ripping up ugly or outdated vinyl or laminate flooring, install carpet directly above it and it can be the "house secret". The same applies to hardwood flooring that is beyond refinishing. Carpet can be installed on hardwoods in a matter of hours.

Energy and Environmental Savings

Help the environment while saving a buck or two. In addition to being cushy, carpets contribute to year round comfort. Naturally, low heat conductors, carpets maintain a comfortable temperature in the coldest nights. In addition, they are thermal insulators serving as a heat barrier. Combining these two factors, equal savings and helps the wallet, while less energy is wasted, which helps the environment.

Carpet can also leave less of a footprint on Mother Earth if recycled or reused carpet is purchased. Typically, these carpets look and feel like new and are less expensive as the newer selections. As "going green" is becoming trendier, finding companies that sell these types of carpets are easier to find. Another option that is gaining in popularity is dyeing. Instead of throwing out carpet that is showing age or that simply does not match a room anymore, people are choosing to change the color. Dyeing is gaining popularity and can typically we done in a weekend. These options are cost effective and earth conscious as well.

Overall, purchasing a good quality carpet will retain its value and is a good financial investment. It provides benefits that will not only help your family but also the environment. It is one of the most resourceful and flexible flooring choices around and when properly cared for will maintain its value for many years to come.